Palisades Elementary School welcomes all of you back to a great school year. Greetings to our new students and families! We'd also like to welcome three teachers, who are new to Palisades: Ms. Annalene Gano (Grade 2), Mrs. Kimmy Lau (Grade 3), and Mrs. Anna Neathery (Grade 5). Mrs. Sandy Davis, an educational assistant, is also new to Palisades.

Students are getting into the school day routine and will be busy taking their beginning of the year i-Ready and KidBiz assessments. 

The first PTO Meeting of the year is scheduled for August 8 at 6:30. PTO will also sponsor "Movie Night" on August 17. The Smurfs will begin at sundown. Bring the family and your picnic blankets and enjoy the evening. Refreshments will be sold. 

School will be closed on Statehood Day. Read about the history of Hawaii Statehood Day

Over the summer, the school parking lot got a facelift! The area was resurfaced and lines were freshly painted. Buildings A and B were re-roofed. Restroom renovations in upstairs Building C and D are ongoing but should be completed by the end of this month. 

Do you feel that breeze? Classrooms have been equipped with ceiling fans! At the beginning of the school year, four ceiling fans have been installed in each classroom.